Kasole Secrets

A Kasole secrets is a limited company which is legally registered by the Government of Tanzania on 18TH FEB 2013. Registration number is: 97284, We are also the key stake holders of Ministry of Natural resources and tourism, we believe a beautiful mama must have a beautiful health. We are located at Sinza-Vatican. 

We manufacture and supply organic women healthy products for the reproductive system. We are very aware of women reproductive health complications which keep increasing day and night, these complications can be due to lack of knowledge, usage of poor sanitary napkins, and too much use of antibiotics in order to cure different infections, usage of some cosmetics which contains some harmful chemicals and even the use of some family planning methods.

Kasole Secrets is also running the nationwide Menstrual Hygiene Campaign (Hedhi Salama) in Tanzania, appealing to the community to play a role in supporting women and girls in the management of their menstruation with dignity.

Kasole Secrets is also partnering with let's talk about Sex an initiative from Australia and hence adopt their teaching content on menstrual hygiene management and puberty, that proved success in Ethiopian Schools.

Kasole Secrets run, Pamoja Clubs in schools where they educate boys and girls together on menstrual hygiene management and puberty, we partnered with Tanzania Medical Students Association to deliver the concept of Pamoja Clubs in schools.

Kasole Secrets has been receiving number of National and International awards, including being the number one SME with most impacted product in the Community, Attending the Women Venture Exchange program in Nairobi-under Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), Facilitated the menstrual hygiene workshop in Nyarugusu refugee camp- this workshop was organized by TWESA and UNHCR, Selected to participate in 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Silicon Valley-USA, Attending the co-creation workshop on Let girls learn Initiative that was conducted by USAID, Attending the Mandela Washington Fellowship under Business and Entrepreneurship track, Attending the UNICEF Innovation Summit in Helsinki-Finland, Participated on the 2015/2016 planning for development of the country under the President's office planning commission and current the CEO, Hyasintha Ntuyeko was recognized as Queen of Power 2016, for the efforts done by Kasole Secrets in fighting for women/girls health and well being

Keep enjoying our Glory sanitary napkins.