About Hedhi Salama

Hedhi Salama is the campaign pioneered by Kasole Secrets ltd, aimed to analyze and breaking barriers regarding menstruation, this campaign aimed to sensitize the entire society about menstrual hygiene management and how it is important for the whole society to support women and girls in order to achieve Menstrual Hygiene Management.

What we do is we join forces with Wash United and other stakeholders to commemorate and mark the international menstrual hygiene day, which is normally done in every 28th May.

The commemoration of menstrual hygiene day allows girls and women to address their barriers while the marking of the menstrual day sensitize the society and the Nation as well about the importance of supporting women and girls in achieving hygienic management of menstruation, it also gives the direction on how the society and nation can break barriers around menstruation.


Anonymous said...

kazi nzuri sana Yasintha. Keep going! Shamsa