Sunday, 7 June 2015


Me and my company started preparations since October last year (2014), We submitted number of proposals and most of proposals were unsuccessful, we thought we can't make Tanzania celebrate Menstrual hygiene day at the National level as we were planned, end April some of stakeholders started to give in money after we tried our last token, when we went for a presentation about Menstrual hygiene day at the ministry of education.
On 27th May, where everything was done, one of the senior official at the Ministry denied to sign our letter, this letter was very important for us to get a police permit and hence move on with marching on 28th May, This man yell at me saying, " u don't have work to do? why exposing these secret things? why are u copying western culture? why don't you hire a hall in a hotel and do these things in privacy? this is non sense, i can't allow" It was so painful for me, when i think of the time we invested in commemoration, hardship in searching for sponsors and this last minute this man want to ruin every thing? I got an idea of skipping this man and went to his boss, i explained everything and the boss softly asked where is the letter, she signed it and i had only 30 minutes to rush to police station before they closed the office,We had another hard time there, since they were about to close the office, i thank God by 6:00pm in the evening, i handled the police permit.
On 28th May Morning, when i saw people gathering ready for marching i was super happy, i can't real explain the magnitude of my happiness on that day, because we finally got what we wanted.
I will never blame the man for rejecting to sign our letter, but he gave us reason on pushing forward till we make sense of menstrual hygiene day to all Tanzanians.
Never quit, never quit, never quit....